SIP . . . modern seltzer for discerning taste

We pair herbs with debittered citrus to create unique and sophisticated flavors that please bored palates and excite the imagination.

SIP is all about health, so we start with heavily mineralised water, add healthy herbs and balance with a titch of easily metabolised cane sugar, that boasts only 25 calories per 12 oz bottle.

SIP complements carefully prepared food, mixes well with your favourite spirits and adds to the conversation between two, ten or hundreds of people.

Discover the Rosemary Lime paired with that perfect hot meat sandwich or the Lavender LemonPeel with your favourite Gin or Chocolate. Go spicy with the Coriander Orange and see how it pairs perfectly with  Indian cuisine.

SIP tranforms a mediocre dish, drink or partyinto something memorable.

Every SIP offers you a new taste or a new friend.. . enjoy!

          Healthy Pairings  of  Botanicals  &  Fruit

"SIP is everything I want in a carbonated drink . . . pure ingredients, healthy, barely sweet"

Jennifer Martin, Founder

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