" Simple, Infused, Pairings of botanicals and fruit"
set in a Sparkling, Spring water and only 25 calories

SIP Lavender LemonPeel 
Simple Summer Cocktail recipes
1oz G-Vine Gin
3oz SIP Lavender Lemon Peel soda
Garnish Lemon Peel & Lavender Flowers.

1oz Grape Blossom June Liqueur
3oz SIP Lavender LemonPeel soda
Lemon Peel garnish

SIP Coriander Orange Cocktail Recipes
1 oz Fresh Squeezed Mandarin Orange Juice
1/4 oz Simple Syrup
1/4 oz Rittenhouse Rye
3/4 oz Schramm Vodka
1 oz
SIP Coriander Orange Soda
1 Stem fresh Cilantro Muddled

"It was a huge hit!" Eric S. Pateman
Edible BC

Festive cocktails-
SIP Coriander Orange cocktail

1oz Schramm Vodka
3/4oz Fresh Ruby Grapefruit Juice
1 tsp Birch Syrup
1/2 tsp Bourbon
2oz SIP Coriander Orange
Garnish - Orange slice & Fresh Cranberry in glass

SIP Rosemary Lime  cocktail
1oz Schramm Vodka
1/2oz muddled cucumber, rosemary lime infused simple syrup
2oz SIP Rosemary Lime
Garnish - lime slice, fresh cranberry in glass

compliments of -
Eric S. Pateman
Edible BC
















A healthy and intriquing all natural, craft soda available in three curious flavors that extend the palate and offer a sophisticated taste experience without alcohol.

We carefully balance natural digestive herbs with a hint of citrus to create exciting new flavors that are light and healthy.

SIP Natural Craft Sodas were developed for foodies and socialites alike, as a sophisticated substitute for
sparkling water or refined alternative to wine and craft beer.

We hope you enjoy the subtle varietal differences natural botanicals and fruit bring to SIP every season and appreciate the quality that comes from producing in small batches in a careful and caring environment.

SIP is dedicated to driving a healthy, new soda culture that offers natural ingredients combined with just a touch of  pure,cane sugar to balance acidity.
Product detail

Lavender Lemon Peel                                                                 
For Earl Grey drinkers, chocolate lovers, dessert fans.    24 x 355ml        Order
Coriander Orange                                                                   
A cooling compliment to popular Indian dishes.                24 x 355ml        Order

Rosemary Lime                                                                       
A refreshing favorite anywhere, anytime.                          24 x 355ml        Order

Minimum order: 3 cases, net 15 day terms with approved credit.
jennifer@sipsoda.com     604.417.9346