"SIP is everything I want in a carbonated drink . . . pure ingredients, healthy, barely sweet"

Jennifer Martin, Founder

See our line healthy seltzers.

Jennifer Martin - Mom, Food Scientist, Passionate advocate for less sweet drinks. With a love for healthy herbs and fine waters, Jennifer decided to blend the two to develop truly unique flavors and create a small craft seltzer company that operates like the Craft Beer Industry. She hopes SIP has a similar, disruptive impact on the blah, boring and unhealthy, mass appeal drinks that saturate today's beverage market. Armed with a bit of crazy and creative zeal, she developed SIP to be unique, healthy and fun.

Our Mission

Chief Seltzer Officer

To take the beverage industry in a different direction. . . away from the overly sweet, the false health claims and the just plain, boring flavors that appeal to the masses.

We care deeply about safe levels of added sugar in beverages and the importance of reducing diabetes, obesity and heart disease so we proudly exceed the standards set by WHO, Harvard Public Health and CSPI.

Our focus is on educating consumers & industry on healthy beverage options and providing disruptive leadership to create awareness and force change.