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Lavender LemonPeel

Surprisingly good and not too floral, this SIP is the perfect complement to chocolate or sweet desserts and transforms Gin into an incredible G&T. Lavender is excellent in the heat and has digestive and calming properties.This SIP says pretty, but we have discovered that real men drink Lavender SIP.

Rosemary Lime

Earthy Rosemary paired with zesty lime is super healthy and pairs well with anything Meat or Mexican. This refreshing favourite is rich in anti-oxidants and has digestive properties. The green label shouts Nature and is popular at green events and weddings.

Coriander Orange

We use the seed, not the leaf for a spicier flavor that complements Indian dishes and adds a special something to Sangria, Rum or Vodka. Coriander lowers blood sugar and is also digestive, so it pairs well with food. This SIP appeals to the super sophisticates.

Cardamom Berry

Exotic cardamom with a lovely mixed berry finish.Cardamom is know for it's anti-oxidant, digestive and disease preventing properties. This healthy, complex and refreshing drink is a nice departure from citrus. Delights non-drinkers but also pairs perfectly with fine spirits.

Rethink your Drink .  . . barely sweet, better for you.

"SIP is everything I want in a carbonated drink . . . pure ingredients, healthy, barely sweet"

Jennifer Martin, Founder